Henrichs is a collection of high-visibility reflective clothing for outdoor activities, such as cycling, motor biking, running and walking. The design is water- and windproof, offering extreme visibility in the dark up to 100 metres, especially in the glare of car or streetlights. The collection consists of capes, vests, collars and bands, suitable year-round and all easily worn over a coat or other clothing. Each item is foldable into a pocket or bag. The pouch takes up minimal space and is ideal for travelling, with a closure that can be used as a reflective armband. Henrichs designs are made of high-quality reflective fabric by Swiss company Schoeller. This material is used by large organisations, including police and fire forces, for their safety equipment. Henrichs combines safety and stylish design, offering an exclusive product for the savvy traveller – an independent, design-conscious urban citizen.