Reflective Pink Vest Limited Edition - Women

The Limited Edition Pink Vest has an elegant yet practical cut, with curved finishing and velcro fastenings at the front. The one size allows it to be worn over any garment, and offers high visibility day and night. Suitable for outdoors actives including cycling and motorbiking.

"The Henrichs reflective Vest is a fun and stylish version of the traditional builder’s high vis waistcoats most cyclists pull on and the perfect treat for someone you want to keep safe."  THE TELEGRAPH                                                           

"Looking radiant takes on a new meaning with these reflectors, turning heads on and off the road. " - NEW YORK TIMES

"We’re certainly inclined to hop back on the saddle with Henrichs’ forward-thinking range."       - WALLPAPER* MAGAZINE

"PEDAL POWER- Cycling safety is paramount  but style still matters, too. Henrichs's fashion-inspired range of high-vis reflective clothing includes capes, collars, vests and bands, all wind-and waterproof as well as visible in the dark to 100 metres." - VOGUE

• Durable quality

• Reflective material for exceptional visibility 

• Wind, oil and waterproof

• Fits easily over a jacket or top

• Easy velcro fastening

• The material is made by Schoeller Textiles and is reflective in the dark up to 100 metres due to millions of minuscule glass spheres

• Composition 18% PU-Polyurethan, 31% PA-Polyamide, 51% GF-glass fibre

• Meets standard for US Customs, for "Water Resistance", AATCC rainwear

• Hand-embossed logo

• Made in England

• Practical packaging with reflective armband


Care instructions: 

• Machine wash cool: 30°C

• Do not use fabric softener

• Do not bleach

• Do not tumble dry

• Do not iron

• Do not steam

One Size